Custom Area of effect?


So I have this simple 4x4 grid for a 2 player abstract game.
The concept of the game is that each opponent’s move determines where you can play.
They are 3 kinds of pieces:

  • The square, which forces you to play on one of the 4 adjacent spaces.
  • The triangle, which forces you to play on the line indicated by the orientation of the triangle.
  • The circle, which forces you to play on the same space.

Is there a way I can highlight these authorized positions by using the Area of effect?

Also, by default the Last Move Highlighher is cleared when the map is clicked: is there a way to prevent that? That it is cleard only when another move is made?


Probably not with area-of-effect, but what you’re describing can certainly be done.

One way:
(1) When a new move is made, it places markers in each location that is valid for the next move (the markers are pieces you’ve marked does-not-stack with no-select and no-move, and simply display a graphic indicating the space they’re in is a valid place to move next).
(2) When the next move is made, send a global key command telling all the earlier markers to delete themselves, and place a new set of markers.

Another way;
(1) You’ve got a usually-hidden, does-not-stack, does-not-move, can’t-be-selected piece already placed in each stack.
(2) Each piece has a “Level” trait. The default level is simply an invisible (all transparent color) marker. But there’s a highlight level too.
(3) After each move, you send a global key command to all pieces of this type, (each perhaps has a marker trait you can filter for), and the trigger traits that process the the key command for these pieces then decide which of them should be “flipped on”, displaying their non-transparent “Level”.

There may be more ways to do it too, those are just two I thought of.

Thank you very much, I’ll try that!