Custom dices


Again from Eclipse-project of mine. Now I am diving head-on on something I really don’t understand in vassal, custom die roll ability.

In the game there is going to be 3 kind of dies (all d6s, only of different colors, yellow, orange and red). There should be an ability to select a number of each die type to be rolled and throw them simultaneously reporting results in some understandable way (preferably by different colors in gamelog or by pictures of dice). I am totally at lost how this should be implemented, if at all possible.

I just made a dice sample for someone else that is similar to what you want. Check out this thread:


Ok, thank you, I try to find something from that. Still bit hard as I am not so experienced with global and dynamic properties.

Also, is it possible that one “roll” button would ask numbers for all different types of dice and rolls would be made simultaneously (like player would love to roll 4 red, 2 yellow, 1 orange and pressing one button would prompt for all those values).

Also I think partly my needs are simpler as I don’t need the “add” -functionality as number of dice is constant. Which all properties in your example deal only with that “add” functionality and could be removed to streamline it?

This should do what you want

Thank you so much! This will do it.