D20 dice symbolic images available?

is there any source out there that has these images? I know how to add them just do not have dice sides. I guess I could scan them but wondered if there were any out there?

I found some by just going to Google Images and searching for “D20 dice sides”.

I’ve recently discovered the https://www.vecteezy.com website which I used to download free images of 6 sided die faces for a module I’m updating. The images I downloaded are free as long as you mention the website from your module.

I did a quick search on “20 sided dice” and found several candidates you may want to consider.

On a related note, has anyone raised the idea of creating a page on the Vassal website containing free images such as these which have been previously identified, for reuse in other vassal modules?

Jim Hunter.


I’ve made an SVG of various dice images - you can find it as a GitLab snippet.

If you want to change backgrounds, fonts, line draw colours, etc. simply open the SVG in an SVG editor (Inkscape for example), or use the LaTeX code to generate a new set of dice images.

Use anyway you like as long as you do not take away the same rights from others :slight_smile: