Data from Attachment traits are not saved in saved games

I use the attachment trait to draw lines between two counters. An invisible counter is set up to have an attachment to each of the target counters, and it is then send from the one target to the other using a Movement Trail to draw the line. The line is then deleted by sending a command from one of these attached counters to the invisible counter telling it to switch off the movement trail.

However, when a game with these invisible counters is saved, the attachments are gone, and you can’t delete the lines any more, and you can’t use existing invisible counters to draw new lines.

Is there a way to save the attachment data together with the rest of the game, or otherwise circumvent this problem?

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We’ll need some more information.

  1. Is these auto-attachments, or manually maintained attachments? Screenshots of your attachment trait setups would be useful.

  2. Could you describe the steps to reproduce more precisely? What exactly does `However, when a game with these invisible counters is saved, the attachments are gone’ mean? When you do a File → Save they are gone? Or if you close the game and reload from the save they are gone?

BTW, I’m not sure if this technique is brilliant, or insane, or both :slight_smile:

I think I’ve encountered this issue during development of CCN v5. I logged a report including (further down the log) a demo file. Issue #13315.

The issue log includes the couple of workarounds that I’ve used. One of them might help in this case; how about trying a startup GKC to re-establish the attachments? Will that help?

Obviously it would be nice to see this fixed, as it will doubtless cause other module problems.

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I’d like to get this issue sorted, but I am having trouble finding a simple case that reproduces the problem. The download of your CC module is failing,

A very simple counter with a single attachment seems to work fine, there must be something more complex going on.

You gave me a fine workaround for my problem (and this is not the first time, thanks!). I implemented it, and there is no longer a problem with saved games! :+1:

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Even better, I managed to clarify my example case and @Brent_Easton found the root cause and has developed a fix that has tested out fine. Hopefully we’ll see it in the next Vassal release.

I don’t know if brilliant is the right term, but nobody came up with an idea when I asked how to draw lines between two units, and this certainly works. I am very happy about it. :slight_smile:

But my description of the bug may have been too simplified. I use an invisible counter to move from one terminal counter drawing a movement trail to the other terminal by having a two-way attachment to both.
When I looked at these attachments after loading a saved game, I now found that the two terminal counters had no attachments, but to my surprise the invisible counter retained both its attachments.
I can try to create a minimal setup to demonstrate this.

Splendid! Then I’m not doing more work on analysis of the bug.
Great that @Brent_Easton found the solution.

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If you want to check out and test the fix for yourself, you can download the test version of Vassal for it here.

If you do so, use a temporary copy of your module - or at least don’t save your module with this version, as it won’t load again in Vassal 3.7 if you do.