Deal cards in 3 piles

I need to create 3 piles of 12 cards each from a deck of 36 cards with one click button.
How is it done?
Thnk you

on each card you will have 3 Send to location traits (1 for each pile) - the key commands need to be different, Ctrl 1 for pile 1 Ctrl 2 for pile 2 etc…and define your locations where they need to be of course

next add a token At start stack somewhere on your board with the Action button trait (Ctrl 0) - this is your one click button. To it, add 3 Global key commands, one for each pile (match the keys Ctrl 1 executes Ctrl 1, Ctrl2 executes Ctrl2 etc…) that will apply to 12 cards on the deck. Use a property expression Deckname = nameofyourdeck.
Also add a Delete trait to the button Ctrl D.
Finally add a Trigger Action trait:
listen for Ctrl 0
executes in order, Ctrl 1, Ctrl 2, Ctrl 3, Ctrl D

this creates 3 piles of 12 cards each at your 3 locations then deletes the one click button (presumably you no longer need it afterwards)

Ok Tim, thank you very very much!

You can do it this way:

Create your 4 decks. Let’s call them Decks: A, B, C and Source with Source being your original deck of 36 cards

Create a prototype to put in all your cards with the following traits:

Return to Deck
Menu Text = (blank - unless you also want to be able to right-click a card and send it to a deck at some point.)
Keyboard Command = SentToDeckA
Uncheck “Choose destination deck at game time”
Select Deck A

Add 2 more “Return to Deck” traits just like this one except the next one would send to deck B and the third to deck C.

Now create your button and have it send a command like: DistributeCards

Your button would have a Trigger Action with…

Keyboard Command - DistributeCards
Perform These Keystrokes:
. GetCardsA
. GetCardsB
. GetCardsC

Add a Global Key Command trait with…
Keyboard Command - GetCardsA
Global Key Command - SendToDeckA
Matching Properties - DeckName = Source
Within a deck, applies to “Fixed Number of Pieces” 12

Add 2 more Global Key Command traits just like this one except they affect cards for Deck B and Deck C.

That should do it.

Heh, posted at the same time. Well there’s a couple different techniques you can try.

mmm… very interesting. I’ll try the two techniques. Thanks DrNostromo