Dealing Random Cards to a Board

There’s a small how to guide in the Designer’s Guide that teaches someone to send random cards from a deck to specified locations via an Irregular Grid at the press of a button. Having succeeded in the little exercise, it possible within the confines of Vassal to:

a) Cause further clicks of the button to only replace empty spaces on the Irregular Grid?
ii) Create a check that notices when a card is removed from that location and replaces it with another automatically? (I assume this would use global properties and key commands, but I don’t have enough education with the platform to know how).

I guess the easiest solution to what I’m asking in my followup question is, is there a property value built into irregular grid locations that I can use to check via Boolean when the card is moved out of the slot?

Figured this one out with a little can-do attitude. Anyone wanting help on this one, feel free to PM. :slight_smile: