Deck/cup which doesn't lose cards when you draw from it

I would like to randomly draw chits from a deck/cup/bag. However I don’t want those chits actually removed from the deck/chit/bag. Any way to do this?


  1. How will you be drawing them? (i.e. drag-and-drop from a pile of inverted chips? right click on “cup” and selecting “draw chit” from menu? Clicking a “button” on the map? Some combination?)

  2. Do you want there to be a moment where you’ve drawn the chit and are “looking at it” sitting on the table (and then you “put it back”)? Or do you just want to say draw and have a line in the chat log say “You got a red chit” or whatever?

  1. Doesn’t matter

  2. It should be secret from the opposing player which chit you drew. No need to let the players “put it back”, they can just delete what they draw.

For context this is for automating Red Storm’s OOB tables, so players don’t have to roll dice and reference the table. Very small QoL. I’m also trying to get permission to publish a fork of the official module, do I have to contact the creator specifically or GMT to do that?

Okay so roughly speaking you could…

  • Make a deck of chits. Set it to always-reshuffle and face-down.
  • Give it a “Deck Global Key Command” to “Draw 1 Chit”, which is set to “within deck affect fixed number of pieces, 1”, and sends a keycommand e.g. “DrawChit” filtered to any chit whose LocationName matches the deck.
  • Chit prototype responds to “DrawChit” by:
    1. Doing a PlaceMarker to essentially place a “copy” of itself. In the Apply Keystroke After Placement box, send the copy a keystroke that causes it to be moved to e.g. a private map window (“hand”) for the drawing player
    2. Original chit then does a return-to-deck on itself and is now back in the deck.

In this scenario you don’t actually want the copies being returned to the deck, so you turn off the checkbox for the deck that allows drag-and-drop to add to the deck. Give the “copies” a trait that allows the player to delete them. There are various other ways you could approach it, but that rough scenario ought to mostly do what you want.

I think GMT gives fairly blanket permission for modules of its games, so you can probably just splorp one up w/o formally needing any special new permission. If it’s a module that’s getting actively maintained you can contact the module creator/maintainer out of courtesy, but afaik it isn’t a requirement.


As far as permission from here when your change is in moderation, please add it to the existing page only. Multiple pages of the same game are not allowed. That was the way of the old website which led to a very big mess. Multiple developers can share the same game page. Here is an example of a shared game page with different developers: … ver_Arnhem