deck how-to ?

I looked through the wiki, but couldnt find a good example of a deck how-to.

What I would like to do is the following:

  1. The 2 players each choose 1 of 4 sets of forces. Each force has a varying number of counters which go into the deck.

  2. once both players add to the deck, one counter is removed at a time and placed on a map board as a record.

  3. When all the counters are used, the players put them back into the deck and it gets shuffled.

  4. it is possible that counters are removed from the deck permanently.

Can VASSAL handle all this right now ?

I looked through The Devils Cauldron as an example of a game with a deck, but I havnt quite figured it all out yet. Are there any other games which do something like am trying to do ?


Mad Dog

Hi Mad Dog,

The Deck in the Activations Window of the Cauldron module does pretty much everything you describe.

The counters that go into the Deck are the Activation Chits. The two key Prototypes these counters use the the ‘Chit-Coffee’ prototype which has a return to deck trait and the ‘Chit’ prototype which has a Mask trait.

See below,


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On 5/03/2008 at 7:13 PM MadDog wrote:

Drag and drop the forces onto the Deck, or use the ‘Return to Deck’ trait command.

Pretty straight forward. Make sure you have

Contents are Face-down = Always
Draw new card face up = yes
Re-shuffle = Always

set on the Deck.

Have a look at the way I have defined Zones on the Activations map. The Used chits section is in a Zoned named ‘Used’.

Then have a look at the ‘Refill Mug’ Global Key Command which sends the Ctrl-R return to Deck command to all counters with LocationName=Used. Only counters inside the ‘Used’ Zone boundary will return to the deck.

Just add a ‘Send to Location’ command to the counters that you can choose to send them a Graveyard window.

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Thanks, Brent. You did the TDC module, right ?

Mad Dog

Yep. Any questions, fire away :slight_smile:

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There are a number of features in TDC that I need to “borrow” for my module. I think you did a pretty thorough job on the Arnhem module I played, and I hope you are doing the ones for the rest of TDC.

VASSAL is too damn good at being a testbed for boardgame ideas.

At some point I will probably ask how you implement some of the features, but for now, I have to remember basic counter functions - its been to long since I did my last one.



Hi Tom,

I am in the process of revamping the TDC module as we speak. The new module will be a single monolithic module that will cover all 7 scenarios from the game. It includes a few bug fixes and improvements over the original Race to the Bridge verison I released.


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Wont something that big that cause memory problems ?

Still, I salute you ! That will be one manly-macho-module !

Mad Dog