Deck Size Limit &/or Stacking

New to Vassal, new to the forums, but I love them both! They’ve helped me a lot.

I’m looking for a way to limit deck size, or to completely avoid overlapping objects. Here’s the scenario (Last Night On Earth):

There are 4 players that can have 4 item cards publicly viewable on the table. To keep things civil, as LNOE has a lot of counters, I was hoping to make 16 zones or decks, or something, that allow the cards to snap in place. Problem is I would like either the deck to accept only 1 card at a time or to keep cards from overlapping (thereby breaking the 4 item card limit). Also, I would like the cards to freely move to and from the single-card decks. And I’m really hoping to keep them on the main board.

I have tried a number of “Does not stack” options, but those don’t appear to effect decks. I also haven’t been able to find a way to keep cards from “actually stacking” on top of each other.

Disallowing something from selection & movement does keep it from moving from a deck. So I’m partway there :smiley:

If not, any other suggestions?