Deck to Deck problem

I have a little Problem…
I want to put the Top Card of a Deck at another Deck. There is a funktion to put the entire Deck at another but I just want 1 single Card.
I want to use an Action Butten for this move. So that I can push the Butten and the first Card of Deck A move to Deck B.
I just dont know if this is able, because I m an Vassel noob^^

ah I forgot I use Vassel Engine Version 3.1.20

I m sorry for my bad english… and thanks for the help!

Add a global key command on your button that invokes CTRL-A (say) when DeckName = with “apply to first card in deck only” selected. Then add a return to deck trait on your cards to fire on CTRL-A and return to your second deck.