Defining locations by GPL ?

Is there a way to define map locations only on certain layers? For instance, if I want to put a unit in Berlin, it would snap to a location on a “Unit” GPL. If I wanted to put a control marker in Berlin, it would snap to a location on a “Marker” GPL.

Pretty sure not. BUT, if you’re just trying to have different “types” of pieces sort to different places in spaces, try this:

  • Turn off “snap to” for your grid
  • Make sure some kind of apply-on-move keystroke is enabled on your Map’s properties (I use MovedOnMap)
  • Pieces respond to MovedOnMap by receiving a SendToLocation to their current location. Although that SOUNDS weird, it serves as your “snap to”.
  • BUT, the SendToLocation uses the “Advanced Features” checkbox to place things at different offsets depending on which type of piece they are (Unit or Control Marker).
  • Optionally you can filter the MovedOnMap’s re-centering response to only (LocationName != OldLocationName) so that the player is still allowed to fidget the pieces around in the space after the initial snap-to.

I use systems like this in both Paths of Glory and For the People.

Note – “Undo” of this will become wonky per bug 12554, but a fix has been made and should be in the 3.3 release.


It’s not quite the functionality I wanted, but yeah that thought crossed my mind. Thank you for spelling it out in detail though. If I decide to go that route, you’ve provided proof of concept and a clear road map.