Defining sides and Messages

I define the sides in my modules then when I start the module it asks to choose side all good. But when I add a predefined set up it stops asking on start up to choose sides only to choose set up.

Other problem in the message field during play it does report moves and die rolls etc. But always calls move “off map” and never gives the name of the player rolling dice or making moves.

How to fix these problems which I suspect are somehow maybe related?


You can add player names to output messages for rolls by configuring the dice roller.

For predefined setups, it sounds like you are not switching out of a player side and becoming observer prior to saving the file for the last time. If you occupy a player side at the moment of saving, your personal module password becomes embedded in the saved game file, and anyone else subsequently loading it will be locked out of that player side. It recognizes your module password and automatically slots you into the player side you occupied when you saved it, that’s why it’s skipping past side selection.

If all moves are reporting “off map”, then you have an error either in your map-level messages or the value being returned by whatever kind of grid you have applied to the map (Hex, Irregular, etc).

Thanks Joe
I have been saving as solo you say save as observer. Thanks

OK I get the grid thing now. I am too spastic to make the grid on the map line up with the grid Vassal super imposes. So have not been using a grid.


(Could have sworn I replied earlier but it isn’t showing up right now)

Holy cow, I’ve been fighting this problem with my pre-made scenarios for a month. Thank god I found this ancient thread :smiley: