Delete a counter & reporting the location

I have markers say like a “control counter” that is available in an unlimited number via the Piece Palette. Folks should be able to add/clone/delete are required. it would be nice to report when a player deletes a marker as it shows a change in control.

It it is placed the Zone A the $Location$ is set and can be reported. Perfect.

When the piece is deleted the $Location$ is empty. Probably because the piece no longer exists anywhere. The $oldLocation$ is also empty as it was no set. So a blank Location or oldLocation is all that can be reported.

If the piece is moved (say from Zone A to Zone B by a player), before it is deleted, the $Location$ is empty. The $oldLocation$ is set to Zone A (i.e. the previous location). So the oldlocation that could be reported is stale info.

I have tried changing the order of traits but to no avail. Am I flogging a dead horse trying to report the deletion?

I believe a fix is in place for 3.5.4 so that oldLocation/OldLocation will be set upon deletion. For now, the solution is to have a Trigger Action that first reports the deletion, then actually performs the deletion.

Fixed in 3.5.4.