Delete breaks Trigger Action

In the latest version of Wellington, Cntrl E is supposed to cause Delete and a Trigger Action that triggers a Set Global Property, however it does not work. As long a Delete is triggered, Trigger Action and Set Global Property do not work. If I remove the Delete trait, they work just fine.
Anyone know a way around this problem? I have tried many changes and experiments, but none work so long as Delete is triggered.

as a general rule if you need to do things on a command (like CTRL-E) on a piece and in the end delete the piece itself, then you need to have a trigger (firing on CTRL-E) that as its last command fires the delete trait (CTRL-D, for example… not CTRL-E again, of course)

but in your case, if all that CTRL-E does is delete and set global property and nothing else (in particular: no triggers/report commands), then it should work if you keep what you have but just make sure that the set global property is below (i.e. following) the delete trait in the piece properties: commands are executed bottom-up in the trait order (except for triggers/reports)