Delete marker....How???

So I’d like to be able to have a single button to click to remove all markers of a certain type…Can’t for the life of me figure out how…I’ve edited and constructed a few very primitive modules…and stolen tricks from some modules in the learning process, but haven’t a clue how to accomplish this…a basic explanation would be appreciated…please and thank you.

Sounds like a Global Key Command will do the trick. You can set it to execute a command on all markers with a certain property.

Hi Mycenae, and thanks for the reply…problem is…I have no idea how to implement a global key command…any help?

Please and Thank you


In your Module, just right clic on [Module] then Add Global Key Command.

Define your GKC as : Key Command :the key that will delete, i take for example CTRL D and i put a condition in Matching Properties : Type = ToKill
InText button, i insert : Delete Button

But on your pieces to DELETE, you must have at least two traits :

  1. DELETE (activated by CTRL D)
  2. a Marker defined as : Type and Value : ToKill

Regards from Paris,