Delete ONE piece among many in a zone

The context :
- 2 or more zones with many pieces (1 single model for all of these pieces)

  • I use calculated properties to count from each zone (and labels to display the count)
  • I can let users pick from any zone, and place anywhere, and these calc.prop work fine

Some action (a button) to remove/destroy 1 piece from 1 zone, to send/create in another zone
How can I point to any piece in the zone, assuming they are all identical, and not numbered ?

Potential Solution:
I can create numbered regions, and position pieces in order, 1,2,3 … n … then always delete from top to bottom.
But this means creating as many regions as the max number of pieces in the zone (which is not limited so far)

Any other idea ?

Potential Solution:
- Create a Deck positioned in the middle of the zone.

  • The pieces I needed to handle are now part of the deck, treated as cards
  • use a Deck Global Key Command … that will affect a Fixed number of pieces = 1

It works … but I don’t like it !
As this is a deck, it shows stacked pieces (as if they were cards) on which I have no control on horizontal nor vertical offset.
That’s not what I wanted :frowning:

Any idea ?
Any other Global Key Command will only use that Fixed number of pieces if it affects a deck ! Not a zone :frowning:

Could you use an off-map Deck, and only move the pieces to the Deck when you need to extract one? Then you would move the rest back to their original location.

Option 2: Have a Global Property which tracks if a piece has been removed/destroyed yet. Before issuing your GKC, set the property to False; when a piece sees the GKC, it checks the Property; if False, set to True and move/destroy. If True, do nothing.

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@jrwatts I can use the deck in map in each zone as a simple point where to place the pieces. They will just be stacked in the deck. Deleting 1 is fine.
You suggest to use instead an off-map deck ? So I keep my zones as I thought first, but when I want to delete 1, I move ALL of them to the deck, then send them back minus 1 to their original location.
Graphically, it may blink, and the players would just see minus 1 piece in the zone. Ok. I’ll try that.
This would add up in the number of coordinates required to keep for each piece. I think it’s a bit heavy, no ?

For option 2, If I don’t use a deck but just a GKC to send a delete to all pieces in the zone, how would that property prevent all but 1 from receving the command to delete ?
It’s a bunch of identical pieces, as tokens, and I wand 1 out. Anyone. Not a specific one. They are all identical. So how could I set the property to False for all but for 1 to be removed ? The first piece to receive the GKC would turn it to true, be deleted … and then, why would the others not do the same thing ? They would have received the same GKC.

Yes, the same command is sent to every piece, but the pieces process the command one at a time; after the 1st piece has processed the command, the GP would be True, so all the other pieces would then ignore the command.

Ah, I got it. Thx ! I’ll do that !