Deleting a piece coming from the piece palette

I have a map where I don’t want pieces representing planes placed. From that map, I send a command to all units ending movement there.

I have defined a prototype on the planes having 2 triggers sending different key commands.
The first trigger send the counter back where it came from. It only activates when OldMap != “” && OldMap != $CurrentMap$
The second trigger deletes the piece, but only when OldMap = “”

The first trigger works, but second never fires, meaning OldMap = “” is not true when the piece is placed from the palette.
However in this exact case a Report Action shows OldMap being “”.

What can I test against to make this work?


I use OldMap = “” to test whether a piece has come from the palette. Works for me.
Specifically, {OldMap == “”} as I tend to use beanshell even when I don’t need to.
Should be the same in the format you’re used though, as far as I know.

Thanks for your reply! It led me on the right track…

OldMap = “” definitely does not work, contrary to what the designers guide states.
But OldMap == “” does.

{OldMap == “”} works too, just as you stated.

Thanks again