Deselect Counters Programatically

This was asked about a year ago, but I haven’t seen any solutions in the forums yet. Anyone know a way to deselect counters programatically without custom classes?


A long-standing question, of interest now to me. Has anyone achieved this ? I might even consider a custom class.

Cattlesquat wrote a custom class. I’m fairly certain that is still the only way to do it. I was very interested in this feature at one time, but it’s now a lower priority with all the bug fixes in 3.3.3. Most of my issues with selected pieces were caused by poor mouse heuristics and involuntary band selects of decks and non-stacking pieces, which have all been fixed/cleaned up in 3.3.3.

Instructions on how to get & install the custom class if you want it are about midway down this thread:

It’s high on my list of features to propose a PR for adding to VASSAL in a future build (e.g. 3.3.4+).

Mini-Features I currently have running pretty solid but have been holding back to let 3.3.3 stabilize and get launched are:

  • Deselect
  • “Flare Map” (Alt+click somewhere and your opponent sees a visual effect to call attention to it)
  • Chess Clocks

I also have some code partially written to let the new Editor “search” function scan through Traits.

There’s other various stuff knocking around in my head, too, of various levels of ambition. But until I actually make some code that works well enough to “prove them to myself”, I don’t want to get anyone thinking they’re even potentially coming.

Of course none of this is to say that I will have done a good enough job on these things to get them approved into Vassal, but that’s some visibility into what I’ve been poking around with. The things I mention are at minimum available as custom classes.


Any luck with Deselect ?

Feature was released in v3.5 … … ey_Command

Haven’t tried it personally yet.

Thanks. Darn, first moment I say to myself “damn, I wish I had moved to Vassal 3.5 already”… it woud have saved a few hours of work yesterday.