Dice Messages

I understand how to include a d6 in a game and print a suitable message, such as “Defence roll = 5”.

But what I would like to do is have a single dice button which rolls two d6 and prints a message such as, “Defence roll = 6. Attack roll = 4.”

Is that possible? Or must I use seperate die rollers?

2009/2/24 Kim <messages@forums.vassalengine.org (messages@forums.vassalengine.org)>

That is probably, by far, the easiest thing to do. But you can have one Multi-Action button that rolls both so the player doesn’t have to push two buttons every time.

  • Michael.

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Thanks. I should have written that I know how to roll two d6 with a single button. But it is the textual output that is important. Is there a way to write the results of two d6 in the way I require?

Each die roller has it’s own report format. The only difference between what you want and what it would produce is the presence of a newline between the two rolls.

There is a trickier way to do it. You could have one die and then have an invisible unit roll the die once, set a dynamic property (e.g., “Attack_Roll”), roll it a second time, set a second dynamic property (e.g., “Defence Total”), then have a Report Action say what you want. The invisible unit would be triggered via a Global Key Command that looks for a unique Marker set in that one invisible unit.

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2009/2/24 Kim <messages@forums.vassalengine.org (messages@forums.vassalengine.org)>

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Thus spake Michael Kiefte:

It will be possible to get this kind of output directly once we have my
dice rollinglanguage built in. I doubt that will happen in the next six
months, though.


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Thank you. This sounds promising. Will give it a try.

A dice rolling language? That’s an intriguing idea.