Different offsets for each level in a layer?

It may obvious that this is not possible, but it still seems strange ?
Any work-arounds ?

I want to make a layer for a counter.

The layer consists of four different levels, each containing a small
arrow pointing either north, east, south or west, plus an extra level
for no arrow at all.

The arrow is not in the same place but in the middle of the counter’s
edge, respectively on either the up, right, down or left edge.

The image of the four levels is the arrow turned in the four directions.
You can set the offset … but the offset is for the whole layer, not each level …

I am not too familiar with VASSAL. Any help would be appreciated.


I’m not quite clear what you want but if what you’re saying is that you want the arrow to be in a specific place on the piece, then just make a transparent graphic (like a PNG) for each arrow, the same size as the piece, with the arrow exactly where you want it. Then you don’t have to worry about an offset.

I tried this, but the problem is as follows:

If I make four transparent graphics (GIF or PNG) with the same size (and same offset), these graphics have to be larger than the counter itself because the arrow images are not supposed to hide anything on the counter. The arrows should not cover information on the counter itself. When you then select this new counter with graphics it will be larger than the original counter. The selected counter will have a confusing transparent edge all around (which is also asymmetric with respect to the original counter).

It seems my solution will indeed be to place the arrows on the counter itself, in a small area that is not covered. It is not the best solution (and not a general solution) …

I see no problems with transparent layer having bigger size than the counter itself. Check out Wilderness War, v. 3.0–the outline (when counter is selected) is spaced out from the counter itself and it doesn’t look bad. Assess by yourself.

I did just now download Wilderness War. The yellow border is nice and symmetric with respect to the counter itself. So it certainly can be an option.