Disable a multi-action button in a toolbar menu based on who is clicking it

So, I’m asking for help with this over on Discord, but I figure I ask for help here too so maybe more eyes see it.

In the BSG module, there are 7 Player hands. In each player hand I’m implimented a toolbar menu called “Send 1 Random Skill Card”, and the menu entries are “to player 1”, “to player 2”, etc. The commands execute beautifully. But I’m curious if they is a way to “disable” an option based on the current player. Say Player 1 is in there hand, and click on the toolbar menu. I want “to Player 1” to still be listed, but grayed out so Player 1 can’t accidentally pick themselves. Is this even possible to do

So, I don’t know about “graying out”, but there is a way to block the function from executing. I believe you will need to block the individual GKCs by testing for “currentPlayer”. I may not have the property name completely correct, but I do know for a fact that the player who pushes the button has ownership (through some property) of the action and it can therefore be made conditional.