Disabling a menu button

I used a [piece trait] with a [global key command] to disable a menu button … can this be done directly with a [global key command] ?

It seems like a [global key command] can’t modify a [Global Property] ?

To alter a Global Property directly with a Menu button, add a Change-Property to your Global Property and assign it a Hotkey.

Then you can create an Action Button which will fire the Hotkey to change the GP.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks i will try this solution :slight_smile:

Yes it works !

I looked for a while to see what was wrong in my case: the global-property and its [Change-Property toolbar Button] were not defined in the main map but in the module level. So I couldn’t fire the button with the Hotkey.

I didn’t set any text for the button so it is not visible on the tollbar.

Thank you for your help. I didn’t know the existence of the [Change-Property toolbar Button]

This solution is much more elegant than using à Set Global Property trait :slight_smile:

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