Display LocationName of one map onto another map

I have a Turn Record Chart on a seperate map. I move the Game Turn marker on the Turn Record Chart and I have a Text Label write the current time on the Game Turn marker. I have found that both LocationName and/or CurrentZone works great for this - I simply manually move the Game Turn marker on the chart/map and it writes the name of the game turn on the Game Turn marker.

What I have been attempting for many many hours(!) is to write via Text Label the current game turn on a Game Turn marker on the main map (used so the player can tell the current turn without having to bring up the Turn Record Chart or scroll around the map to find the current turn).

It seems so simple! I have attempted countless variations but with no luck whatsoever (naming the CurrentZones Global Property names for example).

But getting a piece on one map to display via Text Label (or by whatever means) the CurrentZone or LocationName of a piece on another map seems impossible.

Is it impossible?

What you need to do is establish a Global Property to carry that information …let’s call it GameTurn.

Then you can put a text label anywhere the game you want to display $GameTurn$.


DrNostromo, another one of your posts talking about CurrentZone solved the problem. Quoting you:

"You could probably do it with a property filter.

Let’s say you have the map set so that any piece moved on the map fires a CTRL 1

You could then have a Trigger Action on the piece that reacts to a CTRL 1 with the property filter

CurrentMap = (map you’re using) && CurrentZone = (the zone you want the action to take place in)

I haven’t tested it but I believe the action would only take place if you’re in the zone named."

I implemented using the principles you stated and it works perfectly. Thanks.

If anyone is interested I’ll post how it looks to accomplish such a feat - believe me, I had resolved NOT to include it in the Vassal until I read your post.