Displaying Cards in a Player Hand

Hi all! First post here, though probably not the last. I’ve been working hard on a mod over the past few days and bumped into something I’m not quite sure the best way to solve.

In the mod I’m making, which is for a solo game, the player controls many different characters represented by cards. Throughout the game, characters can die. Which used to just mean they get discarded.

But for fun I thought I would add a “memorial” page, where dead characters would line up in front of a memorial image. I wanted to try this mainly because it would be good practice for a couple Vassal features I haven’t used much.

So I created a Player Hand, set the background memorial image, and replaced the Delete trait in the Character Card prototype with a Send to Location trait that send them to that Player Hand. It worked great, and as characters die the line up there.

However, if enough characters die, they just spill off the right of the image. And I can’t figure out a simple way to make it so that the characters line up in the order they are sent there, but they’ll loop around and start a new row if enough are sent.

Is this something that’s doable?

That’s always been in inherent problem with the Player Hand map window feature in that the cards will continue to line up to the right of the last card regardless of how wide the window is. I wish they would drop into separate rows based on the window width but they don’t.