Do more with Refresh!

An update to the Refresh tools is available for user testing. A consolidated interim build includes re-vamped search as well (previously announced). Further testing and feedback invited on both sets of update. Find latest build here.

The update is especially aimed at modules in active development with existing scenario libraries. As such much of the update concerns the Predefined Setups refresh tool, though core features affect Refresh Counters as well. The Reference Manual reflects all changes.

New features:-

  1. The refresh will invoke special Global Hotkeys before and after each game is refreshed. This allows you to perform custom maintenance that you have designed, tackling things that a simple refresh cannot do, typically creating, replacing or relocating counters (including cards). Up to now these tasks had to be performed manually or during game startup.

  2. Reporting is streamlined and expanded to include unknown counters. Warnings are highlighted and the Predefined Setup refresh gives a summary of warnings at the end, making it easy to spot oddities picked up by the refresh run. Never again spend time wondering why a game piece hasn’t picked up your module changes after a refresh!

  3. A new option also lets you repair unknown counters, when successfully matched by name (use with caution!).

  4. Just testing a sample of predefined setups? Predefined Refresh now offers a search field so that you can choose to refresh a subset of setups from the module. Straightforward text or a regular expression are both accepted. What’s more, the planned refresh list is now presented in a confirmation window before the run starts.

  5. Doing a long run and wondering when it will finish? Predefined Refresh gives you a progress report during the run! You can also choose to get an audible alert for when the run is complete.

  6. Finally, the refresh window now automatically closes at the end of a Predefined Refresh run and you will be prompted to save the module when you close the module, in case you forget.

In addition to the new features, one faulty and one unused option have been removed (“test” and “delete counters with no map”), for the time being.

The updated/trial Predefined Setups refresh options panel, fully expanded…

Note: the interim search/refresh test builds should be compatible for Vassal v3.7.x module development. Usual advice about backing up your module applies. Also, if you develop using an interim build, to avoid your module users getting spurious though harmless compatibility warnings, use standard Vassal 3.7 to do a final module save before release, preceded a Predefined Setup Refresh, if applicable.