Do 'scenarios' keep former settings?

Hi there,
I have made a game prototype in VASSAL that works fine.
I have also made some scenarios that can then be loaded when you start the game.
However, I seem to have problems changing anyting in the module, and I was wondering whether scenario files keep former ‘code’, and cannot me changed. I cannot see how I can now start the game without using a scenario…

If you save a game, and then load that file, then certain things will be saved in the file. Global variables will have whatever values they had when you saved the game (if you introduced new ones, I don’t know any great way to set them short of starting over from a new game).

Also (and more commonly), all pieces on the board will have the same traits they did when you pulled them out. However, “Refresh Counters” in the Tools menu should update them all. You will, of course, need to save again after that.

Do predefined setups “keep” their settings? Yes, this is a longstanding aspect of VASSAL editing.

Once you make updates to piece properties after saving a predefined setup, you can use the counter refresh tool as noted above to get your setups to incorporate your changes. Then you have to save these “refreshed” setups and load them back into your module.

If you are making changes to the map-level items like the names/shapes of grids, zones, regions or locations/configurations of decks, you have no recourse but to create your predefined setups from scratch in order to see those changes reflected (as best I understand it).

Save scenario creation for as close to the end of your project as you can.

Thanks a lot both of you!
I will try to remake ‘predefined setups’, and insert them back in the module.