Double-click expand/contract not working

I am preparing a set-up game file for a module I’m designing and need to make stacks of cards from a single deck to allocate to players. When I created one of these stacks, I tried to double-click to group all the cards together in order to move the stack to a new position but they remained as a stack of individual cards. Have I forgotten to tick a box somewhere?

Double-click is not a gesture that selects Cards.

Double-click on a Vassal Deck of cards does nothing. It is not possible to select the cards in a Deck in any way.

Double-click on a Stack of cards expands the Stack. A single-click on a previously un-selected Stack selects all of the cards

Thanks, Brent. I am not trying to double-click on a deck. I have formed several stacks from a deck by choosing specific cards from the deck. What I want to do is either double click on a stack to separate the cards so they can be selected individually and/or double-click on the cards remaining in a stack after some have been moved and re-instating the stack’s integrity as a single entity.

When you say “Double-click on a Stack of cards expands the Stack.” this is exactly what I want to do - but it doesn’t happen.

It sounds like the cards are overlapping, but not actually in a stack. How did you get them to their current locations? If you used Send to Location commands, they have to have been sent to exactly the same location to stack. If you dragged-and-dropped, they should stack naturally. If they started in At-Start Stacks, they need to have been in the same At-Start Stack, even if you positioned them identically.

Other possible reasons for them not to be stacked: a) They have the Do Not Stack trait, b) They are on different Game Piece Layers.

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Or is the problem that the stack is expanding a little, but not enough? The number of pixels that cards are offset in an expanded stack is set per map in the Stacking Options component. the default is quite small and may not be enough for the size of cards you are using to adequately separate them.

Unfortunately, the Stacking offsets do not take unit size into account, it is one size fits all on each map.

You seem to have hit on the solution. I have given the cards a “Do Not Stack” trait and when I remove it, the double-click works. I now have to remember why I felt the need for the DNS trait! Thanks for the response.