Double-Click to draw a card?

I have a deck of cards. Next to it, I have an empty deck. I would like to be able to double-click on the deck of cards to have it draw the top card and send it to the other deck. Is that possible?

No, Vassal does not support double clicking on anything to perform actions. You can create single-click button with the works ‘Draw a card’ on it that does the action and place it next to the Deck, that would probably be the closest.

Thanks. Can you point me to an example? The only thing I’ve found is adding a button on a deck which adds a card to it when you click it, but in doing so, covers the button! I’d be fine with adding a button to the map (placed between my two decks) so that when I click it, it takes the top card from “Event Deck” and makes it the top card of “Active Deck”.

I figured it out:

  1. Create an At-Start stack and add a piece (the button)
  • Does Not Stack - move=NEVER
  • Action Button (DrawCard)
  • Global Key Command
    Key Command: DrawCard
    GKC: SendEvent (by location to deck)
  1. On the Game Piece Prototype, add a Send to Location:
  • Key Command: SendEvent
  • Destination: location on selected map
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