DP set value directly?

I was wondering if you can use a module DP such as the value in a turn counter as the value to set a different DP directly?

I have a trigger set up for when a player flips a card if the value of the cards clock DP doesn’t match the value of the current turn to trigger the clock DP on the card to set the value directly to the value of the turn counter.

When i put in the value name in the ‘set directly’ box in the DP inside and withou ‘$’ it places the actual word into the txtlabel instead of its value.

Where do you see this happen?

In general, module Properties do not ‘exist’ when a game is not started, and so references to them cannot be satisified. You will see what you describe in the Editor, before a game starts, but the actual piece in a started game works correctly.


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Thanks for letting me know this was possible. I put the property name in the trigger without the $ and in the DP key command new value I used the $ and in game when it can read the value it works. This helps a lot thanks.