Draw a specific card Text

Hello, it’s possible to add the text in the chat for the option “Draw a specific card”?

For example, for a tcg is essential to having the option of searching in the deck a specific card. At the moment, when we go to look for a card in the deck, no message in the chat appears. This could lead someone to cheat (although I hope in people’s common sense)

It’s possible?

You should be able to hide the right click searching deck option with a named key command and bury it inside a trigger action. Have the trigger action execute a report action first that posts a msg in chat “Player blah is searching deck blah” then run the hidden named key command that lets you search the deck.

Going further you can have a deck counter so you know when cards are removed, or just report when someone moves a card out of the deck also as a notification its been searched if they take a card

forgive me but I’m still a beginner with Vassal and I don’t understand the various steps very well.

Would it be possible to have an illustrated example?