Draw piece from Pallets using command

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to make a command that draws a card and places it in specific locations and at the same time, draws a game piece from the pallet and adds it on top of the card.

I have the drawing cards part sorted and working correctly.
Now I need to implement the token parts and I’m a bit lost since I don’t know how to draw cards from the pallet using commands.

Is it even possible? is yes, how?
I know I can make the same effect if I create decks with the tokens I need, but was wondering if there was a better way to do it (taking from the pallet seems a better way…)

Many thanks.

To create a new copy of a piece that exists in the Game Palette, you need to use a “Place Marker” trait, and then use the Select option (rather than the Define Piece option) to choose the piece you want to create.

Edit: If you’re trying to draw a random piece, you can either use Place Marker to create each possible piece and send them to a temporary deck, draw one from the deck, then delete the rest, or use the Random() function that was added in VASSAL 3.4 to randomly choose which piece to create and only create that piece.

Great! was able to use the place marker manually add the token to the card.

Is there a way to send a command to the card itself in order to trigger the marker placement?