Draw specific game piece from stack

Just a short question:
Is it somehow possible to achieve the “Draw specific card…” behaviour for decks to be used for stacks? So that I can right-click a stack and select the pieces I want to remove from the stack? Without using a custom class.

Nope. The closest you can come is to double-click the stack to expand it, then manually select the pieces you want (holding Shift for a multiple selection), then drag to remove.

Yeah, that’s actually a nice way to handle it, but then I have another problem. Actually my units which I want to use for such a stack have the “Does not stack” trait, so I can’t use this double-click. But they only have that trait so that I can use the “Does not snap to grid” property. So what I want to have is the stacking behaviour but without the snapping behaviour. I know I can disable snapping on the grid itself, but I want everything else to snap on the grid expect the units. Is there same way around that?