Drawing a card from a remote location

I have something I’d like to accomplish and I’m not sure it can be done. If it can, could someone provide an example to follow. Here’s what I’d like to do.

I have 3 maps: a main map, a palace and a catacombs map. In playtesting, we’ve found that having a lot of windows to open for various things really clutters things up and we spend half our time moving windows around trying to shuffle things. So, I’m trying make as many things accessible directly from the main map as possible so additional windows don’t need to be opened to get the components necessary. This includes several decks of draw cards.

Setting up these stacks of draw cards on the main map isn’t a problem. However, if a player is in the palace or the catacombs and they must draw a card, they have to go back to the main map to get the card they need.

Is it possible to place a button or token on the palace or catacomb maps to represent the card deck on the main map so that when the player accesses that token, the game gets a card from the appropriate deck and sends it to the current map so the player doesn’t have to go and get it?


Yes this is possible.
See the Combat Commander mod

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I downloaded Combat Commander …all 100 megs of it and it’s just .jar files. There’s no mod file I can open and look into to see how it’s done or what to even look for.

Can someone just post a quick example of how to do this?


I think the .jar files are a executable installer for the module. Try renaming to .jar.zip, then open it and you should find the module inside.


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Quick example.

Make sure your decks each reside in their own named zones
Add an at start stack to your map with some image like “Draw Card”
Give it an action button trait that is same size as the graphic set to CTRL
D to execute
Add a global key command with CTRL D that fires SHIFT D
Set the filters to CurrentMap = “TheDeckMap(whatever its called)” &&
CurrentZone = “Name of the Zone where the deck is”
Set the GKC to only apply to 1 piece in a deck

Give all the cards a Send to location trait that fires SHIFT D so that they
will go to wherever they need to go when the GKC is executed on the action
If you require multiples on this - just place more corresponding action
buttons and matching send to’s on the cards
You can even duplicate the at start action buttons to multiple windows for
ease of access depending which window a player is in

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You should note if you don’t have space on your map windows or don’t like at
start stacks/action buttons you can also do exactly the same using toolbar
buttons in all your windows instead by using a Toolbar GKC

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You’ll have to pardon my lack of understanding on some of the terminology in your explanation.

Named Zones? You mean like a Named Region Point?

The Global Key Command I’m adding to the “Draw Card” piece does not have an option for filters or Current Zone so I’m not clear on what you mean here.

Can this Send to Location trait be placed in a Prototype?

I apologize for appearing as a dunce here. If I see something and how it works, I don’t forget it. But, sometimes terminology used within an explanation just goes right over my head.


Zones are like regions/grids etc… - you define them on the mapboard with
Multi Zoned Grid options, named as in whatever you call the zone

GKC filter options - these would be the Matching Properties field of the GKC
you fill out

You can place the STL in a prototype, no reason not to proto any of the
repetitious stuff

Your not a dunce, just my explanation was perhaps not very precise as it
needed to be :slight_smile:

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