Drawing cards with an action button that won't stack

In the Julius Caesar module, there is an action button in each player’s hand window for drawing cards. When you click it, it draws 6 cards and spreads them out in your hand.

I tried this, but all the cards come stacked over the draw button.

I have looked through the deck, draw button, global properties, and cannot find any differences. Any idea what it takes to get them to lay out that same way?


probably set by the “stacking options” offsets in the player hand

Or there could be an offset trigger executing somewhere. there are several
threads that talk about how to do this

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won’t stack

probably set by the “stacking options” offsets in the player hand

Read this topic online here:

Are you sure you’re using a Player Hand, as opposed to a Private Window? Player Hand “stacking” automatically works differently so that things lay out left to right and you can see all the cards that end up there. The Julius Caesar module isn’t doing anything other than having the Draw Card button send a GKC to the draw pile, where it fires a Send to Location on the top 6 cards to send them zipping off to a counter–namely, the piece in the At-Start Stack on the player hand that serves as the Draw Button. The first card lands in on the Draw Card button, then the 2nd lands in the same spot and automatically shifts over to the right because it’s a Player Hand.