Drawing graphics in game

I am developing a wargame and part of the planning process is drawing graphics on the map as each side plans their operation. Is there a way to allow a drawing tool of some type in a vassal game?
I know I can make a large menu of png icons they can use as a library to pull from but control graphics can come in a wide array of shapes and sizes

No, there is no in-built facility for this.

You could possibly look at Screen marker/annotation apps, but the results from free-hand drawing via a mouse tends to be pretty sad at the best of times, and I doubt you will get much of an icon library.

You will get much better results implementing your ‘library of pngs’ idea.

You could make it more manageable by say, Loading a set of different sized arrows into layers and adding a rotate trait, and some ‘Move Fixed Distance’ nudge keys.

Agreed, it will be a big job, but start with the basics.

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The Roads and Boats module simulates drawing roads on the map which may have some similarities to what you’re wanting to do. Although the lines depicting the roads are pre-drawn, the players choose the overall path.