Dynamic pick list of current Player Names?

Hello All -

I would like to create a pick list in a dynamic property, populated by all of the current players’ names.

Has anyone tried to do something like this?

Is there a nuance in the difference between PlayerSide, PlayerId and PlayerName that I could exploit?

The game module I’m working on would always have between 5-10 players, so I suppose I could populate the list with 10 unique global property names (G1 - G10) and then have each of these global properties set as the playername somehow?

Pax Pamir 2nd Ed does something to collect Player Names and map to sides at the game startup. Not quite what you’re asking but it might help you to take a look.

I use 2 GP per side plus 1 per seat. In a 5 players game I will use

  • BlackNumber (populated from seat#) and BlackName (populated from PlayerName)
  • Blue…

  • Then Seat1, Seat2, Seat3, Seat4, Seat5 : populated from Colors/Sides in game.
    This allows to create traits and functions based on $PlayerSide$Number, finding the color/side assigned to a number from Seat#.


I’m sharing this module made of dropdown from seat numbers and player names.
To test it, I simulated the names and seats from buttons.

Right-click on the text to see the 2 options.