Europe Engulfed opponent wanted!

1939, no optional rules, I play as axis, you synchronize with me, I will do the turn marker and weather and stuff, I would like you to know the rules at least fairly well. I’d be willing to play 2-5 hours each day. I’m fairly good at playing, and I basically memorized the rulebook. If I get a reply, this will be my first game, so please reply :slight_smile:


Anyone? :confused:

Do you know a way to acquire the rulebook in pdf format? If yes, I’ll be willing to read it and take a look at the game module to familiarize myself with the playing pieces and the way the game is handled.


Hey Starkadd!
First of all, thank you for posting a reply :slight_smile: ! I found a link to a rules pdf file: … 2nd_ed.pdf
The rules are pretty complicated to learn, but if you have the attention span to learn them, you will find that it’s a great game! If you have any questions, (Which trust me, you will) feel free to reply back and I will happily explain them to you.
Thanks again!
-Joey :mrgreen:


Are you still lookinmg for an opponent, i’m reading the rules, new to the game but i have a lot of time on my hands. Let me know if you intrested in playing someone new to the game.

Hey hmerryman!

Yes I am in fact still looking for an opponent! After you get done reading the rules I would be willing to play the game with you anytime I’m not busy. I would like to play as axis and the 1939 scenario (No optional rules)
Feel free to ask me any questions you have!


When would you like to start a game of Europe Engulfed?



I’m open all of this week and next week, except I’m busy this friday and the weekends. About the time, I’m in Minnesota, (Go Vikings :slight_smile: ) so I’m in the central time zone. I don’t know if you’ll check your posts in time, but I can play tomarrow, July 7th at 10:00 A.M. (11:00 A.M. on east coast) If you aren’t there in time, we can start thursday at the same time, but we will have to stop for the next three days. (Family reunion)

Get back soon!

Im in Orlando Florida, tomorrow is good for me 11am (10am your time), VASSAL works for me. See you then !!

BTW which rule set are we playing with 2nd or 1st Edition rules?

FYI this will be my first time playing :smiley:


I have the second edition rules, so it would be nice to play with those. As a reminder, we are playing 1939, no optional rules, me as Axis. Good luck! I’ll try not to beat you too bad :wink: !

See you tomarrow!

hello, now i have 15 days to read the rules to rule europe^^
A bientot.

Hey Napobertrand!

Glad you could make it! Feel free to ask me any questions about the rules. By the way, which side do you think you want to play? In my opinion, the Axis is harder than the allies, but it kind of depends. The choice is yours. Also, I would like to play the 1939 setup, no optional rules. (Optional rules are WAY to complicated)

Auf Wiedersehn!


Sorry, but something came up. I’m not going to be able to make our 10:00/11:00 session on thursday. I’m sorry. I can play again about 3:30/4:30 the same day. hope you get this in time.


ok thanks for letting me know tomorrow afternoon is not good for me how about Friday same time?


I can play Friday morning at say 9:00 my time 10:00 your time but I’m leaving later that afternoon for a family reunion. I’ll be gone all week. Again sorry, I’ll be open all of next week.


10 am my time works yca Friday


Oh my god. I am so sorry. I am not leaving for my familly reunion in the afternoon, I’m leaving in the morning at 10:00 :confused: . (11:00 your time.) And I’m not getting back untill Monday. Could you please find the goodness in your heart to not completely give up on me? Yet again I’m very sorry. We could still play for about 45 minutes in the morning if you want.



Thanks for the game.

  • Hmerryman


Umm… what? Are we done or something? you just randomly quit and said “Ok thanks for the game” and left without scedualling a time. Could you please tell me what the heck is going on?