Example of deck with tooltips

I would like to add a tooltip to each deck on a map that has a number of decks. Could anyone point me to an example module that has this that I could use as a prototype?


Thought I would follow up in case my original post wasn’t clear enough. I was aiming to improve the Twilight Imperium module. TI has somewhere between 6 and 8 decks and the backs have cryptic glyphs on them that don’t help you get the right one. So our group is always having conversations like “is that the broken hexagon, or the soccer ball-looking thing?”

I would love to add tooltips for these decks so that you can wave over them and say “oh, yeah, the broken hexagons are the action cards…”

But I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this. There’s a map board for the decks, and it has a Mouse-over Stack Viewer, but I’m not sure how to put tooltips onto that.

You have to drive the tooltips (Mouse-over component) from the pieces in the deck rather than the decks themselves. You might try putting an immovable piece that is the size of your deck location and at a Game Piece Layer below the pieces in the deck and using that to drive a Mouse-over, or detect the cards and drive the Mouse-over from those.

Though not as fancy as a tooltip, I’ve done something like that by creating buttons on the map next to a deck or combat table that looks like a question mark in a circle. Clicking it then places a marker that has the contents of the tooltip, and then players right click to delete it when they want to dismiss the reminder.