Experimental 3.6 features NEED YOU to test them!

I coded up two experimental features for 3.6, that COULD make the cut IF they get enough testing!

If you can help us test, please:

  • Pull down and install the appropriate branches from vassalengine.org/builds/
  • BACK UP your modules before editing them with the test builds.
  • Mostly I recommend you test on “throwaway” copies of your modules, albeit “the temptation will be great”.

Features/Branches to be tested:
(1) “Drag and Drop” for Editor items – look for the latest “DraggyDroppy” build at vassalengine.org/builds/ and install it. It should allow you to “drag and drop” items all around your module! It will also support Ctrl-Drag (that’s Cmd-Drag on Macs) to make copies of items in various places. The kind of testing needed is –
(a) That both “move” and “copy” modes basically work
(b) That it doesn’t let you drag something “where it doesn’t belong” (wrong kind of parent, or drag a parent to its own child, that kind of shenanigans)
(c) That it doesn’t make items disappear never to be seen again! (I don’t think it will, but remember, I did warn you…)
(d) No stupid stuff like throwing exceptions and eek-a-bugs

(2) Duplicate-in-Place and Insert-New-Below for Editor items – look for the latest “14372” build and install it. In this branch, right clicking on an item in the Editor window should give you new “Duplicate” and “Insert-new-item-below” options. The first makes a copy of the item you right clicked and inserts it below the item; the second makes a “brand new item of the same type” (but not a copy of the first) and inserts it below. This one’s less complicated than the one above, but still needs testing.

PLEASE test and let us know how things go!


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Both of the above features are now (together) in all future 3.6 snapshot builds, in addition to ANOTHER feature that needs your testing:

(3) FOLDERS - you can add subfolders to your Module, your Maps, your Decks, and to the [Global Properties] and [Game Piece Prototype Definitions] folders. The folders can contain many/most of the items that their parents can contain (including additional levels of folder), and should be useful for organizing e.g. your At-Start Stacks, Global Key Commands, Prototypes, Properties, or whatever.


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These are gamechangers!!!

Any plans to be able to paste in from other modules?

Oh, and my other big wishlist item is to be able to select and drag (or Copy/Paste) multiple items :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that’s the Holy Grail. Hopefully it will happen one day.

In the meanwhile, every new module I make of late I am starting from my most recent one and adapting everything there, offsetting unwanted pieces to negative values…

This means that there are tons of ghosts of unused at-start-stacks, decks, prototypes from multiple previous modules leftover… just in case I need to recycle some logic or solution or piece later on…

But these are gamechangers already, indeed!

Is there a target date for 3.6? @Cattlesquat?

That won’t happen in V3.

The way to do it in V4 will be directly cutting and pasting in the module definition file, because it will be human-readable.

Some things are still being worked on at this point. There might be a beta in a few weeks.

Being able to create folders to organize files and drag and drop is wonderful.

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