Exploration Hex Map

I’m working on a game with a hex grid that starts blank and is explored by the players. I have a Deck of tiles that I want to draw from to explore. The map is fairly large and I don’t want players to have to drag and drop every tile. Is there a way to give my exploring units a global property to fetch a tile to their current location?


First, if your Hex Grid is contained within a Zone, make sure the Zone has its “Location Format” set to $gridLocation$. Now, you can use the property $LocationName$ on your pieces to determine where on the hex grid they are, so you can use a Global Key Command to trigger a Send to Location trait on the next tile to send it to the piece’s current location. Make sure you have Game Piece Layers configured so that the tiles are on a lower layer than the pieces.

Edit: I skipped a step–you would need a Set Global Property trait to store the LocationName in a Global Property that the tiles can access, before calling the Global Key Command.

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I think my preferred solution would be to populate the map with transparent hexes in advance, which can be clicked or right-clicked to send a tile to their location.

That seems like an incredible amount of work though. There have to be several hundred hexes.

Why? That’s a ton of extra work for no benefit whatsoever that I can see.

It’s not a lot of work imo, every tile can be identical, and the UI benefit is clear to me. Players used to the physical boardgame might not think of the units themselves as the gateway to the tiles, or think of moving them to an empty space before drawing a tile.

That said, an on-move trigger for exploring units might be better still, that’s how an app would probably do it, so might be seen as intuitive.

That would be a good idea, yes. For @awaxy : if you followed my previous directions, you would also want a Trigger Action. You can give it a Menu Command if you want the players to be able to right-click on the piece to trigger it, otherwise it just needs a Key Command (named command or actual key is up to you; if it’s a named command it can’t be manually triggered by the players, unless it also has the Menu Command). The Trigger Action would then call the Set Global Property and Global Key Commands from before.

To make this happen automatically when you move the piece, you want to go to the properties for the main map (double-click the map name or right-click and select Properties), and set the Key Command to apply to all units ending movement on this map to the key command for the Trigger Action.

If you automate it this way, you would also want some logic in the Trigger Action to prevent it triggering when the piece moves to a hex that already contains a tile. That’s an exercise for another day.

I tried to do what you suggested , but I’m still stuck. Like I said I’m very new at this. Do you have a sample I could emulate? Or could I send you the file?

If you could build a button that could fetch a map tile I could do the copy and pasting, but jrwatts seems to have a more automated solution.

So far the buttons I’ve built all have to have separate names and send commands. It seems impossible to do what you are suggesting with my current level of understanding.

It would be pretty simple, I think. The button/piece would function in basically the same way as the exploring piece jrwatts described, sending a map tile to its location. Every piece could be identical, as they all do exactly the same thing, the only required difference being its location on the map.

Sorry, but I’m having a hard time finding time to work on my module, so I don’t really have time to work on yours.

I could trade you. I’m really good at illustrator and photoshop

I could trade you. I’m very good with photoshop and illustrator