Expression grammar question

I want a Trigger to fire only when a piece is in one of a number of areas and when the wrong player is clicking on it. at the moment my expression is

LocationName==("a"||"b"||"c"||"d")&&PlayerSide!="Right Player"

and it doesn’t like it. What do I need to do to tell it make it read there being many different acceptable locations? I suppose I could do

LocationName=="a"&&PlayerSide!="Right Player"||LocationName=="b"...

but that can’t be the right way.

I still write expressions the old way before the builder and let it do the conversion after. That being said to make it work I would have written:

LocationName = a && PlayerSide != Right Player || LocationName = b && PlayerSide != Right Player || LocationName = c && PlayerSide != Right Player || LocationName = d && PlayerSide != Right Player

Exactly what I was trying to avoid but your way works and mine did not, so thanks!