Extension adding Choices

So, I was thinking of making a version of Smash Up that I could play with friends that don’t live nearby. The default game should be relatively easy, and I was able to look at Legendary to get an idea of how to do the “grab two decks and mix them”.

What I’d like to do, though, is have it so all of the expansion packs are extensions, and are only there if active. That way we can say “Hey, no Cthulhu groups”, and rather than just ignore them, they don’t even appear. However, as best as I can tell, I can’t just add the new decks to the same board in an extension [And my guess is that’s why Legendary went with the all-in-one method too]. I could create a new board for each expansion, but that seems rather unwieldy for game startup.

Is there a solution I’m overlooking? Quite likely considering this is really my first attempt.

Yes you can

Look at a different module that adds decks via extensions to the same board, like Blood Bowl Team Manager.

Thanks, Tim.

Realized I missed a vital point here, though. Is there a way to add a deck to the same board, and then re-arrange them (alphabetically, for instance) based on the new decks? Or would I be stuck with whatever the previous arrangemnt was and have to add the new ones around it?

You can add it to the same board, but you cant rearrange them, so you have to kind of plan in advance - what I did/do if you know your going the extensions route :slight_smile: