Extracting scenario vsav?

Is there some way to extract a scenario vsav from a vmod? When I tried it recently, it came out in a different file format (sav, I think)… maybe I can just rename that to vsav, it just occurred to me, which I intend to try, but just in case that’s not the answer I’ll post this. I’m trying to update a module with scenario changes.

Okay, renaming to vsav seems to work… so just to confirm that I’m doing this correctly, these are the steps to update a scenario?

  1. Edit module in VASSAL and look for the predefined setup to be updated.
  2. Under properties, find the “saved game” title. (Although what to do when this says “null”?)
  3. Open the vmod with an archive manager and find the file mentioned. Extract that file and rename it to end with “vsav”.
  4. Now open that vsav in the module inside VASSAL and make the necessary changes. Save again as a vsav.
  5. Open the VASSAL editor and point the scenario to the new file.

Is that basically it? Are steps 1-3 even necessary? I mean, can this be done more simply by just opening the game inside VASSAL to the scenario, making the changes, saving that and pointing the editor to it?