Finding a Map GP from another Map

I found it simpler for my design to create Global Properties in each player individual Map. (Blue, Pink, Black …) I have for example Black Map with GP: stockA. And Red Map also has a stockA, as Blue Map.

This way, the map is designed once, and I can easily clone it with minimal edition to make it distinct.
Now I want the main map, where all players struggle, to reflect these distinct GP on a score board.

Question is : How do I make a call for a GP present on another map ?
How can I show stockA different values, from Black Map. What’s the syntax ? Using the Map Name, the Board Name, some extra trait ?

TY all.

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Arrr, sorry, I found it in the docs just after I asked for help.
{GetMapProperty(“stockA”,“Black Map Name”)} is exactly what I needed.

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@kerkael Thanks for posting the answer to your question. It will help me with building my module.