First-timer designing module for BattleCON

Hello, I’m looking for a bit of help on designing a module for the demo of Battlecon , a card game simulating a fighting game. I’m hoping to put together a Vassal module for it to hopefully generate interest in the game and maybe find more donations so it can be produced.

It seems like the module shouldn’t be too difficult to create, with only a handful of cards, a board, two markers and a handful of tokens. The problem is my inexperience. Off the top of my head, functions that the module needs to be conducted are:

-deck selection (the ability to choose between 4 different decks at the start of the game)
-playing cards face-down without information being revealed
-a life counter starting at 20 that can be raised or lowered

  • if possible, a way to move cards in discard pile #2 to hand and cards from discard pile #1 to #2. Could be done manually of course.

Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated, maybe pointing me to modules who have these functions that I can look at is an option. Thanks in advance.

This doesn’t look to complicated and I could probably help you out on it. I do have other things going on so my time is limited but if you’re not in rush…

As far as similar games, you may want to take a look at


Thanks DrNostromo. No, I’m not in a terrible rush, though it’d be cool if a BattleCON module could be put together before their Kickstarter account ends in about a month. If there’s any resources or such I should find/get/create in order to help make this happen, let me know.

Send me a note in E-mail and we can work out the details.