Flip Counter when drawn from a bag

Hi, relative newbie here and have a feeling that this is an easy solve, but am looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack…

I have double-sided (2 level) counters that are drawn from a bag (deck). By default, they are on level 1 when they are drawn. I want to check a Global Property and if the condition is met, the counter will flip to level 2 when it is drawn. I know how to do this by checking for keystrokes, but there is no keystroke for drawing a counter from the bag. Players, just drag-and-drop from it. Is there a parameter that signals when a counter is pulled from the bag that I can use as a trigger? Or perhaps I flip the counter when the condition is met while it is still in the bag? Thanks.

When players drag and drop the counter, they are probably placing it on a “Map” somewhere (perhaps your main map?). If you open the properties for the Map in question, in the very bottom blank there is an option for “keystroke to apply to pieces moved to this map” (or some similar wording). If you put a keystroke (or named keystroke – I usually put MovedOnMap), then that will be sent to any piece moved to the map, and in the case of your special counters they could respond to that keystroke by flipping themselves (perhaps checking e.g. OldLocationName to make sure they’re coming from the deck, rather than flipping themselves every time they move)

Is there a difference between mask and flip ?

That worked perfectly. Thanks!

Yes. Mask just hides a piece, though I’m sure you can do much more with it if you get creative. When a piece is multi-layer, it can have completely different attributes for each layer. This is great for multi-step units. I’m still a newbie on Vassal, but I’d definitely use layers for double-sided or multi-step pieces and mask only for hiding pieces (which may or may not be multi-layer).