Font Bundling in Modules?

I have read in the docs that the only safe fonts are Dialog, Serif, Sans Serif, and one or two others. So, I think this means that there is no way to bundle a font into a module to guarantee that fonts other than these listed will be shown reliably? Is this true / still true?

Good question. Especially considering the number of true type fonts out there. My personal favourite is arial.

Bundling fonts looks to be a good feature request for V4, if it’s not already built in.

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Yes, I have come across a module that built a nice compressed font for the unit face. But, the designer didn’t realize that the font wouldn’t convey. So, everyone sees chopped words who uses the module. It would be nice to use some stylized fonts for different historical periods, etc.

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While a good idea in theory, I have also seen stylized fonts that are very difficult to read for some people (eyesight issues, dyslexia, etc.).

So similar to posts in other forums, while I like the idea of a module developer specifying a “default” font for an element that is different than the Vassal default, the USER still needs the ability to override it so they can set it to something they can actually read.

Well, I’m not sure how to respond to this. You seem to be saying that this is only a good idea in theory. So, you are opposed to allowing the bundling of fonts in a module?

Your second paragraph seems to argue the opposite case and then goes on to request another feature that is not the topic of this thread.

Help me understand what you are saying. Do you oppose the proposed bundling of fonts? If so, maybe you could help me understand why that would be the case.


Let’s say (for instance), the Vassal default is Courier 8 point.

The Vassal module developer decides that he likes Arial 8 point better.

The user (who has bad eyes) decides that for readability reasons, Times New Roman 14 point is preferred.

User > Module Developer > Vassal Default

So if the user doesn’t set a different default, the module settings take priority over Vassal default. But if the user sets a different default, that takes priority over the module developer’s settings.

If neither the user, nor the module developer specifies anything different, then the Vassal default is used.

OK, I understand the point that you are making. But, it is not directly relevant to the question of bundling fonts in modules.

I will start a new thread for your topic.