Font Families with the Game Piece Image Definitions

Question on using the built in Game Piece Image Definitions (vector graphics) for creating unit/pieces images.

I really dig (love) the ability to create counters using vector graphics, it takes a bit more work but I think they render better than png files.

My question is if I use an installed fonts on my system, will another user that uses my module see the same font size and styles I picked to create the graphic images using the built in tools in Vassal?

Hi Don,

Just a correction, Game Piece Image Definitions do not generate Vector graphics images (i.e. SVG)., they generate standard PNG raster graphics within the module. It is recommended that you name your GPI images blah.png to make it clear if you ever extract them from the module.

The GPI images are re-created when you edit the module and the images generated are then static (they reside as PNG files in the images folder inside the module). Unless someone else edits the module on their system, they will see the images you generated when you edited the module.




Thanks Brent!

I also verify what your saying, I have both a Mac and a Windows machine and was pleasantly surprised that the fonts on windows (that I used for the GPI) showed up splendidly on my Mac (which does not have those fonts installed).

Brilliant stuff!

PS/BTW, I added you to the credits of a module I edited, since you fixed the obsolete code warning thing for me.

Again thanks!

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