Forum problem - Module Area

I went to the Module area of the site and it’s not recognizing that I’m logged in.

When I’m in the Forum (i.e., posting this), I see the various icons at upper right, including the 3 bar “menu” and the “K” (Korval - my user name).

When I jump to the module area, the “K” disappears and the page is treating me as if I haven’t logged in.

Verified that the module page wants me to login…

Is it intentional that the module area requires a different login than the forum?

This shouldn’t be the case. According to the post-migration update last year, Discourse (the forum software) handles login for both the forum and the wiki.

I just went to the module page and back. I did not see my round avatar as I see on this (the forum) page, but when I hovered over the generic looking bust in the upper right, I got a tooltip message that I was logged in as pawnpusher (my user name).

Module page is currently telling me I’m not logged in either.

When I do it, I get the generic bust and when I hover over it, it says I’m not logged in…

Have you tried logging out and logging in again?

Basic state - logged into forum, not logged into module area

  1. Log out (of forum area), log back in - module area still says logged out

  2. Go to module area, click on “log in”. Does not request userid/password. Generic “bust” icon remains (no pretty colored “K”). Hovering over bust icon, says logged in as Korval.

  3. Go back to forum area. log out. Go back to module area, still says I’m logged in (to module area).

For whatever reason, the module area and forum area are not synching.