Site Upgrade Complete

Welcome to our new website!

Here you’ll find a new forum using Discourse, and the same wiki (MediaWiki) with a updated mobile-friendly theme.

The new forum is a lot different from the old one. Take some time to poke around and see what things do. I think you’ll find it an improvement.

Site login is now handled by Discourse, both for the forum and the wiki. You should be able to log in using the username/email and password you used on our old site. If you are unable to log in, please get in touch with the webmaster.

If you find any problems or have any concerns other than being unable to log in, please post about them here in the forum.


Upgrading the site has been a massive task—we’ve been preparing for this since April. Thanks go out to everyone who has offered opinions, checked links, tested pages, listened to complaints, and commiserated during the preparation for the upgrade.

Special thanks are due to @nhills-vassal Norman Hills, who gave the site design a thorough check as we neared the end and found numerous problems we’ve since fixed.


If you’re waiting for a password recovery email and you haven’t received it, be aware that we’re presently contending with a few ISPs to have our new IP address removed from their block lists.

I’ve seen bounces from,,,,, and; they’ve now all been contacted about the blocks.

Hopefully we’ll have this sorted within a few days.

Update: I’ve had replies from Comcast and Microsoft now indicating that their blocks will be removed. This should restore delivery to and all the MS-owned domains such as I’m still waiting on the others…

Update: I’ve had a reply from; the block for it and should be cleared in the next 24-48 hours.

We’re aware that the Server Status page isn’t updating correctly at present. I’m working on that presently, but it’s not likely to be solved before Friday evening.

Update: You should now see the Server Status updating correctly.

Update: Email to isn’t going though; I’ve emailed their postmaster for details. I’m presently contending with to get us removed from their block list.

Update: has removed us from their block list.

13 posts were split to a new topic: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when downloading modules

Update: Still no reply from I’ve now emailed their MX’s postmaster instead.

Update: We have a significant moderation backlog in the wiki due to the site upgrade. Please be patient if you’re waiting for an edit or module upload to be approved.

Update: Moderation in the wiki is working once again. We corrected a technical problem yesterday which was preventing our moderator from accessing the moderation queue.

Update: has finally gotten back to me regarding the email delivery problem with… still waiting for resolution.

I am trying to download the latest Paths of Glory module using Safari from a address, and get a message that a secure connection cannot be established so download didn’t happen. I tried to change preferences in Safari, and also tried using Firefox, both to no avail.

Here is the message received:

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 4.37.17 PM

See ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when downloading modules for the SSL issue afflicting Comcast subscribers.

Based on what we know presently, you should call Comcast about the problem (and please report back on what they say on the thread linked above).

Update: We’ve switched our object storage configuration to work around the issue with Comcast. If you’re still having this problem, please read the topic linked in this post for more details and post what error your having there.

Update: has told me they’ve removed blocks on mail to

Update: We’ll be migrating to a larger machine on Thursday; expected downtime is 30 minutes to an hour.

Update: Our site is up again, on a machine with 8GB more RAM.

Update: We’ve resolved email going to being blocked.

o7 new design looking good :ok_hand: